Spring basketball tournament

Updated Tuesday April 17, 2018 by SPA.

SPA Basketball will be hosting a 3v3 tournament.  See below for more information and details.

Saturday May 12th Schnecksville Elementary 

Format: Generally there are 2 preliminary games used for seeding and then teams enter single elimination bracket play.  3 games guarantee


  • 15 minute, games with running clock; stop clock last 2 min. on whistles and made baskets.

  • Three 30 second timeouts per game; one additional 30 second time out for each OT.

  • 2 minute overtime followed by additional 1 minute overtimes.

  • No “make it, take it”

NO STALLING:  Due to the limited number of players on the floor, it is extremely difficult to defend a stalling off

  • Stalling is defined as not making an effort to attack the basket within 5 seconds.

Checking/Take Backs

  • The ball must be taken back (not checked) after each change of possession (steal,

   defensive rebound, etc.)  The ball must be taken back by the defensive team even if

     the offensive team shoots an air ball.  Failure properly take the ball back will result in a stop

     in play and checking the ball (no turnover).  If a basket is made after an improper take back,

     the basket will not count.

  • The take back line is the 3 point arc.

  • To properly take the ball back, the player must

     Touch / go over the 3 point arc.

  • The ball will be checked after each made basket

      and stop in play (i.e. violation, out of bounds)

      at the top of the key behind the 3 point arc.

  • When checking the ball, the offensive player tosses the ball to the defensive player who then

     Gives the ball back at about waist level and in  a manner that the offensive player can easily

     Control the ball.  Once the offensive player receives the ball, the game is live.  There will be

     “Street” moves or funny/cute checking procedures.  Failure to check properly will

     result in a warning to the team.  2nd team violation will result in technical foul. therefore, stalling is not allowed

Fouls/Foul Shots

  • Each player is allowed 5 personal fouls each game.

  • Fouls shots are performed the same way. They are in regular 5 on 5 games.

  • Bonus will occur on the 7thteam foul. Double bonus will occur on the 10thteam foul.

  • Any player or coach receiving two technical fouls will be ejected from that game and will not be allowed to play in their next game.


  • Substitute on any dead ball including made baskets.

  • First possession for game and each overtime period is determined by coin-flip.

     Then alternates.

  • Any player ejected for fighting will be

     expelled from the tournament.

  • 5 minute grace period from start of game period from start of game before forfeit is


  • Half court line is out-of-bounds.

  • Points- any basket within the 3 point line is a 2 points.Any basket beyond the 3 line is 3points.

  • Games will be played at Schnecksville Elementary outside courts

  • Roster can have 4 players.

  • Each team should supply one responsible person to assist the scorekeeper and clock operator

  • Players can’t play down a level. Can only play up a level.

  • Substitute on any dead ball including made baskets.

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    Girls division will play with 28.5 ball.

  • Divisions- boys 3/4th, 5/6th, 7/8th, 9/10th,  11th/12th

  • Division Girls - 5/6th, 7/8th

  • Some division might be combined or changed slightly depending on sign-ups

Registration Fee $80 per a team

Contact informationRegistration will be done on line.   Registration will end May 10th.  SPA will work with team games and conflicts.

All games to be played between 12pm -3pm.

Rain date Saturday May 19th.

For more information, please contact Ed Kearney at

Thank you for participating in this great event

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